In 1994, COZY STEPS was established by Australian immigrant Craig Morrisin in Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA, manually made traditional Australia sheep skin boots.
In 1998, COZY STEPS first used modern 3 Dimensional cutting skill in sheepskin industry to make boots, its “Fit Step” design increased the comfort of footwear, the special design obtained favor and praise of fashion people in Europe and USA
With time changing, COZY STEPS’s every innovation and change have led the trend of sheepskin boots. With continuous innovation, we first step into the R&D field of raw materials( natural Australia wool-on skins) and guide the suppliers to apply” Eco-Tan & Eco-Friendly” tanning technology. In addition, Europe design team of COZY STEPS carried out overturning fashion development for natural raw materials, base on the breathability and comfortable feature of natural wool-on sheepskin, using hand painting and technical approaches, gifting the natural material with different characteristics, which highlights the fashion of different seasons.
In 2007, COZY STEPS realized quickened pace of life has made people fell more and more stressed out, how to bring relax and freedom to consumers became the theme of its design and development for the next 10 years. “ Feel Free” has become the synonym for COZY STEPS brand. In this year,  “Feel,Free” became the most creative development idea in Europe and USA.
In 2008, COZY STEPS was appraised by New York fashion magazine “LATINA” as top 3 biggest snow boots brands in Europe and America markets.
In 2009, COZY STEPS stepped into Chinese market, bringing the up-to-date fashion design ideas into China. Based on Asia people foot features and culture background, adding the Asian culture into design, “Feel, Free” has got better annotation in Asian markets. 

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